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Chung Ling Soo

Chung Ling Soo, born William Ellsworth Robinson, died on the stage of London’s Wood Green Empire when his bullet catch routine went wrong.

To increase his allure with a touch of exoticism, Robinson changed his name to Chung Ling Soo. He maintained his role as a Chinese man scrupulously. He never spoke onstage and always used an interpreter when he spoke to journalists. Only his friends and other stage magicians knew the truth.

Watch a small documentary about who killed Chung Ling Soo.

For more information about Chung Ling Soo, please visit his official magicpedia entry.

Ed Marlo

magic performances

Ed Marlo was one of the most notable names in card magic. Marlo himself coined the term cardician, a term which has since been used ...

Meir Yedid

magic performances

Using the simple finger tricks we’ve all attempted in childhood, Meir Yedid added advanced digital skills and misdirection to convey a sequence of genuine illusions ...

Raymond Crowe

magic performances

Raymond Crowe is an Australian mime artist, magician and cabaret performer. Originally from Adelaide, Raymond Crowe describes himself as Australia's only Unusualist. His innovative, fresh ...

Tom Mullica

Tom Mullica performs his magic

Tom Mullica's love affair with show business began in 1953 in Waupun, Wisconsin when, as a five-year-old child, he decided to be a clown. Two ...

Tom Noddy

magic performances

Tom Noddy was born in Paterson New Jersey. As a young man (in his twenties) saving up to live in Europe, he'd keep himself busy by ...


Houdini Magic Performance

Houdini made his first movie for Pathé in 1901. Titled Merveilleux Exploits du Célébre Houdini à Paris, it featured a loose narrative meant to showcase ...

Al Flosso

magic performances

Al Flosso was a Vaudeville-era magician who perfected the Misers' Dream. He was later featured on early TV shows such as 'Toast of the Town', ...

Paul Zenon

magic performances

Paul Zenon has sometimes been billed as King Con and The Sultan of Swindle. He staged his first scam at the age of eight when ...

Larry Jennings

Larry Jennings magic

Larry Jennings was one of the most influential magicians of the 21st century. History records that Wheatley saw Jennings perform his chop cup routine at The ...

Richard Turner

magic performances

Richard Turner is an internationally respected card mechanic. He demonstrates the most difficult moves ever devised for cheating with cards. His unparalleled touch with a ...

The Masked Magician

magic performances

Posted April 1st, 2010 We here at Magic Video Blog appreciate a good joke when we see it. The masked magician is that joke. He's provided ...

MAGIC the movie

magic performances

Magic is a 1978 film starring Anthony Hopkins and Ann-Margret. It was written by William Goldman, who also wrote the novel on which it was ...

Kuda Bux

magic performances

Kuda Bux was an Indian mystic and magician. One of his most famous tricks was one in which he would cover his eyes with soft ...

Shaolin Magic

Shaolin Magic performance

Magic is part of the Chinese culture. Proof may be found in such notable films as Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. Other forms of authentication may ...

Thomas Solomon

magic performances

An early fascination with mechanical devices and locks led Thomas Solomon towards a successful career as an escape artist and magician. Thomas has performed his award-winning ...

Karrell Fox

magic performances

Karrell Fox grew up to become one of the most influential magicians of the 20th century. When he was a child, his parents operated a ...


Dominique Pickpocket Magic Performance

Dominique (born Dominque Risbourg) was France's most famous Pickpocket. He traveled the world, working the most famous stages with such acts as Buster Keaton, Louis Prima, ...

Harry Blackstone Jr

Blackstone Jr magic performance

Blackstone was born in Three Rivers, Michigan, to the son of world famous stage magician Harry Blackstone, Sr. As an infant, he was used in ...

Ching Ling Foo

magic performances

He's credited with being the first modern Oriental magician to achieve world fame. His act was in some respects plundered by an American magician who ...

Frances Willard and Glenn Falkenstein

magic performances

Frances Willard is an American female magician, famous for her performances at The Magic Castle and in Las Vegas. Willard and her husband Glenn Falkenstein ...

Long Tack Sam

Long Tack Sam Documentary

Long Tack Sam, born in 1885 in Northern China, was a world renowned magician, acrobat, and vaudeville performer. His career brought him to the opening ...

Derren Brown

magic performances

Derren Brown is an English magician, mentalist, painter and self-professed skeptic regarding paranormal phenomena. This is the full uncut interview filmed for the Channel 4 TV ...