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Rocco Silano was born in Paterson, N.J., and is world renowned for his expertise in sleight of hand, as well as his originality in conjuring. When younger, he studied with the Grand Master, Slydini.

Watch the act that won Rocco the F.I.S.M (2006) ‘Most Original Magician’ award in Stockholm, Sweden.

For more information about Rocco, visit his official website.

Tom Mullica

Tom Mullica performs his magic

Tom Mullica's love affair with show business began in 1953 in Waupun, Wisconsin when, as a five-year-old child, he decided to be a clown. Two ...

John Cornelius

magic performances

John Cornelius is one of the most creative magicians in the world and the first American to win a F.I.S.M. World Championship of Magic competition ...

Greg Frewin

Greg Frewin magic

Greg Frewin is a down-to-earth type of guy who has won every magic award possible. He's the only magician ever in the World to have ...

Geoffrey Buckingham

Geoffrey Buckingham manipulation

Geoffrey Buckingham's magical education started when his father took him to Variety theaters where he witnessed all the famous performers of the day. Geoffrey won ...

Tommy Wonder

Tommy Wonder FISM 1988

Tommy Wonder developed an interest in conjuring at an early age. He studied acting, dancing and singing for three years at the Academie voor Podiumvorming ...

Yumi Nakajima

magic performances

Yumi Nakajima at F.I.S.M.. (2003) . . . No other information about Yumi Nakajima can be found. . . .

Max Maven

Max Maven Fism

Max Maven is an American magician and mentalist. He often appears on television magic shows to perform "interactive" mind reading tricks that work for the ...

Johnny Ace Palmer

magic performances

Johnny Ace Palmer is an award-winning American close-up magician. He is famous within the worldwide magical community for his prodigious sleight-of-hand abilities. Throughout the 1980s, ...