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Derek Dingle

Derek Dingle was a renowned English close-up magician. Like many magicians before him, Dingle became interested in magic after receiving a box of magic tricks when he was about eight years old.

Known in the magic world for his technical ability, Dingle was very proficient with difficult sleight of hand technique with playing cards and coins. Among fellow magicians, he was well known for his skill in executing the pass.

Watch Derek Dingle perform at the A1 Multimedia convention 1998 (Sacramento).

Learn more about Derek Dingle by visiting his Wikipedia entry. You should also visit his MyMagic page.

Tommy Wonder

Tommy Wonder Magic Performance

Tommy Wonder developed an interest in conjuring at an early age. He studied acting, dancing and singing for three years at the Academie voor Podiumvorming ...

Ed Marlo

magic performances

Ed Marlo was one of the most notable names in card magic. Marlo himself coined the term cardician, a term which has since been used ...

Charlie Miller

magic performances

Charles Miller was a magician, author and renowned expert in pure sleight of hand magic. He became obsessed with sleight of hand magic and by ...

Lennart Green


An international lecturer and FISM's 1991 World Close Up Champion of The World, Lennart Green is based in Gothenburg, Sweden. Lennart might have won FISM ...

Larry Jennings


Born in 1933 in Detroit, Michigan Larry Jennings became one of the most influential magicians of the 21st century. Larry had seen magic and learnt ...

Guy Hollingworth

Guy Hollingworth magic performance

Guy Hollingworth, born 1974, is an English barrister, conjuror, author and lecturer. Hollingworth first became interested in magic at the age of 13 when he ...

Jimmy Grippo

Jimmy Grippo magic performance

Jimmy Grippo was born in Italy and moved to America with his parents at the age of 12. He was the house magician at Caesar's ...

Michael Skinner

magic performances

For over 20 years, Michael Skinner was the magician in residence at the Golden Nugget in Las Vegas, Nevada. He studied under Eddie Fechter, and ...

Akira Fuji

Akira Fuji Magic Performance

At the ripe age of 42, Akira Fuji has become one of Japan's hottest close-up magicians. With many appearances on Japanese television, his reputation among ...