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Martin Nash

Martin Nash was born in Parksville, British Columbia. He performs as “The Charming Cheat” and has long presented outstanding gambling themed shows that are both elegant and entertaining.

For years, he has been one of the most popular performers in The Magic Castle’s Close-Up showroom and his technical ability and routining are unsurpassed.

Not only has he left behind some wonderful magic, but also this wonderful poem.

“The Loser
A dim light flickered above his head,
Sheets are rumpled on the bed,
A deck of cards clutched in his hand,
He was the best damn cheat in the whole damn land,
He would practice dealing both day and night,
Learned every move and every sleight,
Seconds, centers, bottoms, Greeks,
Gamblers cops, and gamblers peeks.
Never had a family, never had a wife
For the way of the cheat is a lonely life.
As he would silently sneak from town to town,
Seek out the marks, then take them down.
Now another player has joined the game.
Can’t see his face, doesn’t know his name,
But it’s Father Time, and he’s out to win,
As he makes hands grow stiff, and the eyes grow dim.
The cheat reflects on his checkered past,
His time is coming he cannot last,
No longer deal the cards that win,
And Father Time sits back with a twisted grin.
Now he’s spent every nickel, squandered every dime,
So he must play the game just one more time.
He tries a second; it’s just not there.
He grabs a bottom, and just grabs air.
Now where can he go, where can he run?
The game is over, his deal is done.
So he gently lies down on the bed,
And puts a forty-five up to his head.
A dim light flickered, and then went out.

Martin A. Nash June 96”

Watch Martin Nash charm his audience. (We here at the Magic Video Blog miss him dearly!)

Learn more about Martin Nash by visiting his MyMagic Page.

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