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Tom Noddy

Tom Noddy was born in Paterson New Jersey.

As a young man (in his twenties) saving up to live in Europe, he’d keep himself busy by playing with Yo-Yos, string toys, and a variety of other inexpensive hobbies.

That’s when he got the idea to start blowing bubbles.

I was a smoker and I would fill them with smoke. I started seeing them do things; two bubbles in the air would bounce off of each other, or join together, or come together as one! If you look closely at suds for a long time you will go crazy …I know, I did it for years. I became obsessed. ” – Tom Noddy.

This guy is one of the Magic Video Blog’s favorites!

Watch Tom Noddy perform his amazing brand of bubble magic.

Learn more about Tom Noddy by visiting his official website.

Chu Chin Foo

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Originally born in Ferrara, Italy, Alberto Sitta (AKA Chu Chin Foo) moved to Bologna was he was a little boy. Eventually he grew up to ...