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Below are the most frequently asked questions:

1. Where do you find these magic video clips?

Our select team scours the internet, day and night (without rest), to bring you amazing magic clips from the past. It’s their mission to serve-up quality offerings for you.

2. Who chooses the clips?

The select team is filled with professional performers, noted historians, brick-and-mortar magic shop owners, esteemed collectors, and a diverse variety of other magicians who all take interest in leaving quality breadcrumbs for those interested enough to find the trail.

3. How do I find more information about each magician featured?

For more information about each artist, make sure to scroll under each vintage magic video because we work hard to provide a direct link to: 1) an official website 2) wikipedia /magicpedia entry 3) the most information found.

4. May I submit my clip?

CardStarLifestyle blog is not interested in showing the latest and greatest magic clips (other than selected sponsored videos). While we appreciate that you want to submit your magic video, there are many other sites where you have the opportunity to do so. If you’d like to submit a historical magic video, or make a suggestion about a clip – by all means contact us.