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Known throughout the world as an elegant and classical preformer, Shimada has firmly established himself as one of the most successful magicians of all time. His phenomenal career has taken him to every corner of the globe, encompassed thousands of stage and television appearances and has earned him the prestige of being the most awarded and celebrated magician in the history of magic.

Watch Shimada perform his brand of magic.

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magic performances

Ever wonder who came up with the knife though woman disappearing act. Well it wasn't David Copperfield. A magician named Audrey did in the early ...

David Berglas

magic performances

David Berglas is an English psychological illusionist and mentalist. He has been said to be one of the world's leading mentalists. In 1984, he had ...

Jerome Murat

Jerome Murat mime magic

Jerome Murat is a phenomenal performer from Paris, France. He's performed his 'Living Statue' act for all over the world, and has delighted many international ...

Raymond Crowe

magic performances

Raymond Crowe is an Australian mime artist, magician and cabaret performer. Originally from Adelaide, Raymond Crowe describes himself as Australia's only Unusualist. His innovative, fresh ...

Suzy Wandas

Suzy Wandas cigarette manipulation

Suzy Wandas (1896 - July 12, 1986) was born Jean Van Dyk in Belgium to magicians Charles and Elizabeth Van Dyk. She became part of ...

Tom Mullica

Tom Mullica performs his magic

Tom Mullica's love affair with show business began in 1953 in Waupun, Wisconsin when, as a five-year-old child, he decided to be a clown. Two ...

Milo and Roger

magic performances

From the mid 1950s and well into the 1990s, Milo and Roger traveled the world delighting audiences with their comedy and amazing magic. The critics ...

David Williamson

magic performances

David Williamson is a comedy magician and master of closeup magic. His signature act involves "Rocky" a raccoon puppet that Williamson presents as a live ...

Mark Wilson

magic performances

Mark Wilson is an American magician and author. He is widely credited as becoming the first major "television magician" and in the process establishing the ...


magic performances

Salvano the magician was born in Poland. With his exceptional intellectuality and creativity in magic, he was known as one of the smoothest classical acts ...

Tom Noddy

magic performances

Tom Noddy was born in Paterson New Jersey. As a young man (in his twenties) saving up to live in Europe, he'd keep himself busy by ...

Rene Lavand

magic performances

Rene Lavand is a magician from Argentina specialising in close-up performance. He has appeared in Ed Sullivan's and Johnny Carson's television shows as well as ...

Dr. Hiroshi Sawa

magic performances

Dr. Hiroshi Sawa is one of Japan's most prolific magicians. When Dr. Sawa burst onto the magic scene back in the 1970s, he caused an ...


magic performances

Theodore Hardeen, known simply as Hardeen, was a magician and escape artist. He was best known as Harry Houdini's brother. So dedicated was he to ...

Vanni Pule

magic performances

Vanni Pule was one of Malta's most popular Magicians and Illusionists. For the last 35 years he dominated the stage, cabaret and television Magic ...

Neil Foster

magic performances

Neil Foster was an internationally known lecturer, teacher, inventor and performer of magic. He began his career when a senior in high school in his ...


magic performances

The exotic allure of Jade's magic stems from her Chinese heritage and her childhood on the Indonesian island of Sumatra. Jade took the male-dominated world ...

Lance Burton

Lance Burton magic

Lance Burton's introduction to the world of magic began before his sixth birthday as a result of being taken to a Christmas party by his ...


magic performances

Dante was born Harry August Jansen from Denmark, but emigrated to the U.S. as a small boy. Once grown, Dante toured the world with his ...

Ken Brooke

magic performances

Ken Brooke was a magic dealer, a skilled demonstrator and a magical consultant. Although his public recognition was not great, he had a profound influence ...

Charlie Miller

magic performances

Charles Miller was a magician, author and renowned expert in pure sleight of hand magic. He became obsessed with sleight of hand magic and by ...

Jose Frakson

magic performances

Jose Frakson was one of the greatest magicians of Spain. He was also one of the great last vaudeville headliner, of the golden age of ...


Houdini Magic Performance

Houdini made his first movie for Pathé in 1901. Titled Merveilleux Exploits du Célébre Houdini à Paris, it featured a loose narrative meant to showcase ...