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Ted Lesley

Ted Lesley, one of Germany’s leading magical entertainers and mentalists, was born in Dueren in the Rheinland area of Germany on 1st August, 1937.

A teacher in the public school knew a few magic tricks which Ted enjoyed so much that from then on, he pursued magic as his hobby — much to the sorrow of his parents who energetically demanded that he should learn something proper. So Ted Lesley first became an accountant and later, in Berlin, a tax consultant.

He eventually changed professionals and become a mentalist. In 1992, Ted was designated “Mentalist of the Year” with the “Dunninger Award” in the USA. This was the first time this coveted “Oscar” of mental magic had been awarded to a European artist.

Watch Ted Lesley bend a wine glass with his mind.

For more information about Ted Lesley, please visit a tribute page built in his homage.

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